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Bikepack Bootcamp

July 18-21

Guides: JayP & Jacob Hora

A 4-day training and education camp structured to help prepare riders for an upcoming ultra event. 

Located at The BikeTender Studio in Victor Idaho.

Riding will take place from the studio and head north towards Yellowstone National Park. It’s also where the Tour Divide Route comes through Idaho.


We will meticulously go through bike set-up and gear (kit) and talk about mindset, goals, and strategies. 

This camp will also have a physical element to it while maintaining a balance of time in the saddle and rest to gain a training stimulus from it. We will discuss different cycling efforts, techniques, and suggest specific outputs/styles on sections of our daily routes so the individual can get the most out of each day's ride.

There will naturally be simulation tasks such as water purification, changing layers, eating while riding, bivy set-up, packing and unpacking your gear from your bike, food resupply etc. providing the opportunity to practice and become more familiar and efficient with your time, using your gear, and the work that needs to be done during an event.

There will be ongoing conversations about all elements of bikepack racing and suggestions on different ways to do different things to help set yourself up for success! 




Start at 9AM. Coffee, drinks, and snacks provided.

• Theory: Discussions around “Setting yourself up for Success”, “Doing your work”, and “Riding Forward”

• Go through the bike and every single piece of gear

• See how gear is set-up and where the placement of each item is on the bike

• Lunch provided

Continue with discussions and honing in on the bikes

• Local shake-out ride

• Dinner Included

• Sleep indoors at your accommodation-Call to discuss *This day covers a lot but it is also meant to prepare you for the next 3. 



7AM Breakfast provided

• We will ride from the studio

• We will not resupply this day

• Be prepared and expect to be on the bike all day

• Sleep under the stars



Expect to be out all day this day.

• There is more climbing on this day vs day 2

• We will end with a 3500’ climb

• There will be a opportunity to resupply

• Sleep under the stars



• Ride back towards the BikeTender studio

• This will be a shorter and flatter ride day compared to the previous two

• We will wrap up by early afternoon and will debrief before parting ways

*GPS tracks will be provided before your arrival. With extensive local knowledge, we have plenty of variations and emergency contingencies if needed. *The riding will take place on gravel and forest service roads.

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